Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Visual Thinking

Am in the last session of the day, "Using Simple Pictures to Communicate Complex Ideas" by Donna Safko. Was thinking about the Adobe AIR one, but this looked more interesting--and more compelling.

What is visual thinking? Can be used by anyone. Don't have to be an artist. Don't have to be a visual learner. It's a process of using simple drawings to improve understanding.

Broken down to look, see, imagine, show, like at thebackofthenapkin.com.

Stick figures have become popular now. wizthink.com community.

4 levels of belief: nonbeliever, like to view others' drawings, use as a tool, great way to communicate.

A lot of adults associate drawings with humiliation. Usually from some single childhood experience. Socienty places higher value on skills other than art (writing, reading, math).

Academia tells you that zs you mature, you like more complex subjects and longer words. "But I believe in each of us there's a child that refuses to grow up." We're intrigued with simple drawings and few words.

"We do not pay attention to boring things." Drawings, even stick figures, are interesting. They make us feel less intimidated by the subject matter being presented.

Artists quickly recognize shapes and differences.

Drawings do not have to be more complicated that the houses you drew as a kid with squares and triangles that you drew as a kid.

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