Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Marketing time

Decided to listen in on the Adobe presentation, not paid a lot of attention to those in recent years. Interesting that Rick Stone and Peter Grainger, both active on the HATT list and longtime help experts are on the dais.

Talk about "cloud computing," don't need anything more than Acrobat reader to contribute. Cloud at acrobat.com, free service when you have TechComm Suite. Save from FrameMaker as "ubiquitous PDF," anyone with Reader can review and contribute. Acrobat.com does the authentication of reviewers.

Demoing several people adding comments to a PDF document, some from IE on Mac with Acrobat Reader. Comments, sticky notes, etc., all added. Then FrameMaker can add PDF comments.

Giving a quick explanation of Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), claim 100 million downloads to-date. Flash player plus HTML rendering engine (same one as in Safari) plus PDF reader all built in.

Demo of Captivate 4 project review within AIR.

AIR-based help can update local help content from server when topic is opened without need for full software patch.

AIR-based online word processor Buzzword at http://www.adobe.com/acom/buzzword/. Heehee, Buzzword (currently in beta) doesn't use AIR for its help, but "plain" HTML.

Demoing commenting (social networking) within AIR-based help system. Cool. Users can click "Add comment" and either keep comment private or share (with Adobe ID) so that everyone who uses the product can see (as soon as it is approved by Adobe) the addition.

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